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Daisy & Ivy's Handmaiden

T's & C's


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Terms & Conditions

Communication is Key!

If you receive an item that is not what you ordered please contact us directly.

If your item does not fit, please contact us, we may be able to replace it with the right size as long as the item is returned to us in the same, unworn condition it was sent in.

All orders are sent via registered post in line with Paypal's seller & buyer protection services. Your order must be delivered to the postal address which is marked on your Paypal account. If this is incorrect please update the address prior to ordering.

We, Daisy & Ivy's Handmaiden take upmost care in the creation of our garments. However, we take no responsibility for and damage or injury which may be caused by any of our items. Please supervise your baby while they are wearing any of our clothing with neckties. Our clothing with neckties are NOT designed for sleeping in. Neck ties are shorter than 20cm as required by law.

Every item we sell is handmade & as humans, sometimes we are imperfect! It just adds to the charm of every product we sell but rest assured heart & care goes into every item we make.